Journey on Taekwondo International Masters Course


Hereby is the experiencing and diary of me to take the 51st Foreign Master’s course held in kukkiwon on 2016 July 24th to 29th.some photo may not has the copyright, so for prevent trouble please dont repaste it to anywhere. This article is original written by Chinese .. so some opnion aimed at the Chinese people. please forgive me.

In the early july,when i was preparing for the hanmadang application, i saw the international masters course was planned to held on the kukkiwon website.

Taekwondo International Masters’s Qualification is the most Authoritative taekwondo certification on the world and it was the only master’s certification approved by the kukkiwon. which the world taekwondo headquarters.

the requirement of this certification is very high and the test chance are very previous years,there must have some high dan masters to recommend you ,so you can take the course and the pass rate for this course is not high.(commonly one or twice per year and once pass only about Dozens of people)

so in the whole world,there was only about less than 4000 people passed and held this certification.(except the korean domestics. the data was copied from kukkiwon website )

but this certification was not famous in china, so in our country ,we have not has so much masters who have this qulification.( the number is no more than 200)

In china,this test used to be held twice. once is 10 years ago and the next is last year. but i was missed all the chances.

this time ,the education and the test are all in the kukkiwon HQ, its a very good chance to feel the original taekwondo master’s course. so i submmit my applicaion immediately.

before i go, it;s necessary to prepare some documents. its so complex especially the signup form and the photo. and if i want to go korea, i need to applicate a korean visa first.

so i use whole afternoon to prepare this… the kukkiwon’s phone was very hard to call in.. and WTA also… finnally i successed called them. and get all the information what i need.

WTA offical  are very friendly. it dispel my doubts. and the i prepared all document to the korean embassy for the korean visa on passport.

the visa was approved in 5 days.. cause shanghai has many guests come to korean and doing massive of Shopping… so shanghai people;s korean visa is much easier to get:

5 years mutiple visa, once for 90 days.

finished the ticket for airplane, then finished the application on hanmadang.

then the day turns to the july.24th


on july24,i drives very earlier and fast to shanghai pudong airport.

then take an china southen airplane to takeoff.


2 hours later, i got the incheon airport. seoul


just after i check out from the immigation , many girls rushed to me,the taking photos on my behind.. i was just shocked with this situation.


that was cause there was some korean stars take the same plane withme..

this happening everyday in seoul… just the time a stay in the incheon airport . it happened 3 times.

korean has too much stars and the female fans..


the first matter in the airport is to buy a Sim card. in the world which can not alive without network. this is the most important things

but korean’s sim card is so complex. it should upload the passport for cerfitication. and the most complex is it need to turn on and off 4-5 times… so i make the whole afternoon for the signal.



The kukkiwon is in the Gangnam district of seoul. its the center of downtown and everything takes expensive.
cause i always doing travel myself. i think its not necessary for me to book a room but a hostel instead. finnally i found one.. it was just 300 meters distance to the kukkiwon. and walking there by about 5 minutes far.

the provider has an event,can get me to the hotels’s nearest bus station for free… so then i get there,but shocked…..


the kukkiwon was ON THE MOUNTAIN!!!!!  as you seen on the picture… so i had to taken my luggage and climb the mountain…. although the sim card doesnot work. i can not use the map… so i had to using a snapshot with the map and guess the route…. finnally i get the hostel after half an hour. after checkin, the boss draw me an picture of the route to kukkiwon… although that was only 300 meter but i think i have walked for 20 minutes for up and down on the mountain.

in Ancient days.. the army was called normal army, mountain army and navy in chinese… then i know why they are different now…. Cause shanghai has no mountain even has not has the hill. the highest hill point on shanghai is 103M, so as shanghai people… taken a luggage to climb the moutain is really crazy and tired. and korea has many mountains and hills, everything tastes spicy…. it was very fit to the Sichuan and Chongqing people i think.




Finnally i has arrived the mecca of taekwondo, the Kuk ! Ki ! Won !


A huge poster of kukkiwon demo team was in the entrance of kukkiwon.


i saw many pictures of kukkiwon on internet. it seems big… but somebody acturally gone there has told me, thats not big…. and also joke me, it was same big as a secondary school’s stadium in china.

well, its an 40 years old;s construction.. when i acturally get there… i think … its more *bigger* than a school;s stadium… because…… you can just get a round… with in 2 minutes..

when i arrived there the kukkiwon demo team was performing a GreatTaekwondo performance.. but i need to find the registration center immediately.


just walk one minutes… i found it

the registration was very simple… you just give them your dan certs copy and the passport’s  copy and the fee to them… and the signature on some papers such like health document and signup form… then they do something in the system..and then everything was done.. they will give you an recipt and tell you some notices such like the time.. and dont forgot to take the dobok, you can leave with in 3 minutes.

this time the instructor course was devided into 2 classes. one is class A for level1 and 2 the other is class B for level3 such like me.

my order is the last one in class B cause my name is start with Z the last character in the alphabet.


After registration,cause its not the kukkiwon working time. so most the department of kukkiwon has closed. i had to hangout. get out of kukkiwon and then turn right for about 50 meters youcan  see this very famous shop ..the KSD korea shop



i can buy many things that very hard to get in china.


All kind and all the size with Adidas dobok.



the kang il pil;s poomsae guide , in china only has chinese version.. so i bought an english version. and then some doboks.


when getting out of kukkiwon road,there is a very long road. i met two man which from hongkong SAR. this time only 3 people from China mainland. and all of us was come from shanghai. but hongkong SAR has come for about 20 people. we chat and go. then has gone to here… the famous kukkiwon gate. i have considered hundreds of times what pose i will take when i firsttime come to this gate.. but acturally because there are many cars passby . so its very hard to find a time point without car… finnally the hongkong friend taken a picture such super tourism style for me.


go bit ahead is the mooto shop… i do not like this brand at all

it always do some Flashy without substance products…. i saw many teenages just got the 1st dan. then go to mooto buy an yellow poomsae dobok with a humanmade old style belt..

this makes him/her  looks hundred years old… but actually just a kid.. i do not like this style.


then i go to myundong for exchange the money from china yuan to korean won.


its here.. the best rate one just was in front of the china embassy.


i dont know why but i think this construction looks very japanese meiji dynasty style..


the wifi prepaid card… but the chinese introduction was wrong..


lanzhou noodles even in korea


in korean, the beef was very expensive then in china…..


finnally i found one… just 20000 won for this all.. but after the dinner .. i found that this Restaurant has branch in shanghai….


in korea’s street .. cars bicycles and people walking in the same road…. but same like japan… everyone take the orders.


the metro underconstruction.


kukkiwon was in front of the yeoksam dong station.. the teheran road.


teheran-ro.. so it can explain that why Iran’s taekwondo was so good. hahaha


soju,korean style wine


shin ramen… i have atten many in china


Great treasure pearl lollipop.



when get out kukkiwon.about 50 meter was the gangnam district taekwondo association. also climbing the moutain… very tired.


the second day i wake up very early.. but when i arrived kukkiwon… i think i was not early.


my classmates from all over the world was there much earlier than me


the firstday morning there is an opening ceremony. simply that include the leader’s speech,bow to the flag and something else…. all the asian country has the similar proceduce.


in the opening ceremony, they need 2 people for volunteering captain. as Class B, there is an American guys and an Ethiopian stands out. cause this guy was an american and he was the i call him,Captain America


then the president of kukkiwon make a speech,then everyone bow to him… then is the proceduce for taking the key of box, and book and the Id card for you… later you should tell the dobok’s size with adidas standard to them.


these all


before going there.. i have read the instructor’s course’s textbook twice. but it shocked me that they have a new one,and it was two times the thickness with the older one.. and the content was complete not the same..


my deskmate is a korean.. who teaching taekwondo in hongkong.


can speak korean and english very fluently. so lucky me.



the time table.very full on 5 days schedule.. but as an instructor in China taekwondo association..
I have taken many kind of seminar…so i think thats not big problem.


then we have gone to the first class, about the taekwondo history.
i was very interesting on how the korean think about the taekwondo histroy. because i have heard too much versions, the instructor  Kim YS  from yonsei university told us the history by detail.


as the korean, taekwondo is a way of life.

the president of S.korea was training the korean yoga and taekwondo.


as korean, they do not denied the fact that korean is originally from the china martial arts.

the taekwondo just originally from the china martial art. but as a produce dependencies of the ancient jeson and koryo dynasty.taekwondo inherit separately as subak hee,kwon beop, and taekgyeon. till they has Until the Japanese occupation era of the jeson, finnally combined with the Okinawa Karate formed the rudiment of modern Taekwondo.


The history of modern Taekwondo


After the anti-Japanese war,when there was no split of korea at that time, there were 5 main style of dojang.



Tangun Era 4270 the first photo of morden taekwondo was captured


as the korean war era,Taekwondo is the martial arts in the army. the professor said: This was is from the Soviet Union, China, North Korea vs Korea and the United Nations war.


After the Korean War, a number of new leaders emerged.


About Cui Hongxi’s introduction section. As the result of the ITF friends may cause discomfort, I will not write here. Anyway, the Korean people on his evaluation is very objective. The point is that Cui Hongxi did not create the Taekwondo, but proposed to use the word  taekwondo instead of the tang soo do. to make difference with this two kind of martial arts.. (just like the Japanese karate alternative tang soo as the name of the Japanese martial arts) he just changed the name of the taekwondo


The earliest leaders of the Korean Taekwondo association. The first is a general. The third term is Cui Hongxi. Until later became kim un yong



In 1964, there have been full contact style taekwondo similar to now kyukushin karate was, this is the protector at that age. Now is at the memorial hall of the kukkiwon.


1960 ages,Bruce Lee and Li kyungku teaches each other


the father of mudek kwan  important person with mexican taekwondoimage064

In 1971, Kim unyong became the president of the Korea Taekwondo Association. In the same year, South Korean President Park Chung Hee defined Taekwondo for South Korea’s national sports. so the image above the word “ku ki taekwondo” (Park Chung Hee later was death in  assassination, now the South Korean President Park Geun hye is his daughter)


1972,11,30 kukkiwon was built


In 1973, due to the rise of Bruce Lee martial arts film, the popular Bruce Lee film, South Korea rise a popular of  taekwondo. The Taekwon V robt cartoon was on the same year. so many child join the taekwondo family



1988Seoul olympic published some stamp. and in this olympic taekwondo was defined as a demonstration game.


in 1994 taekwondo was defined as an olympic offical sports.and decided to be taken in 2000 syndey olympic games.


in 1996 korea gov adopted tkd as a symbol of korea


2000 sydney.. i think its not necessary to say more


and then in the olympic  taekwondo always the core sport


obama and lee myungbo  obama has honorly 9th dan

thats all about taekwondo history course.


having lunch at the kukkiwon cafeteria (the love of tae), cost 6000 won for a traditional korean lunch


en, that’s it and the classmate andy says it was Prison-Style Tray …

well, we all are prisoner now.. haha


the kukkiwon cafeteria , cause me remember the canteen of university.


the first course in the afternoon.. is a 9th dan old master making on Speical Lecture..

The course for international course was based on english.. the korean style english has the different pronounction and this master using many complex english words.. so after every sentence.. i will have a consider what he said. and this master said many about chinese culture.. so i had to convert his korean-english style chinese word into real chinese word,then try to understand what he is talking about.

and another interesting matter for korean-english is they using P instead of F all the time..

such like the number  55 was pronounced as piputy pypu

and i think he has a great temper. once the kukkiwon’s officer just knocking the door.. then the professor shouted on him…”Why interrupt me!?” and some korean words ,although we dont know what happend …and this may want to show us how the korean social level system works…


the course talked about the taekwondo’s meaning and the difference between oriental martial arts and western sports.


As a chinese,being taught chinese by an foreigner.. the feeling is so strange.

the professor explained the meaning of character “武” and it was combined with “止” and “戈” ,then explanied the meaning of 止 and 戈….  i feel asleep on that part….. but the europeans seems very excited with these..


then is the oriental  philosophy. such like lao tzu…. the korean pronounce of laotzu  as “ro ja”  similar like another god (nezha) in the fairytale of china. that’s really funny


then is the confucianism…. that’s 100% chinese culture…  and i had to learn the korean version.


something about buddhism


why people come to dojang?


taoism… also chinese culture… i think south korea is a country of taoism. there national flag is a symbol of taegeuk ….


taekwondo in very earlier time is just for survive.. after the rise of nation.. it was a military training method. and now.. it’s a game and for the citizen;s strengh.


the difference between sports and mudo. and the professor said about the difference of Coach and Sabeom; Our captain america has answer the problem …cause his english is very fast fluently and original.. i just understand half what he said… maybe the professor also..



the korean understanding of chinese martial art -> wushu was original from the ancient indian in shaolin temple and arose in northern china. that’s correct.

now developing as taolu(form) and sanda(sparring). they seems very clearly on chinese martial arts

“wushu learnd from animal, it can running on the wall, but there are no wall in the olympic. now its just for health ”

i was very angry to hear that… but he told the truth…

wushu has many unbelieveable techniques..before you see it by your eyes. you will not believe them.

but the masters in china do not teach them for public. and these techniques also are very hard to learn.. so it restrict the development of wushu…


then the prof starts since hi….. taking the course with his….. cellphone displayer…

all student include the first line can not see it.. but the prof enjoy on… hehe

then after playing a unwatchable movie in his cellphone about 10 minute… class over

actually i do not like the lecture with this style… but as a teacher in university… i know that every teacher has his own style on teaching. you had to adapt others.. its a kind of training.

Think about:

Taekwondo is evolved from the chinese martial arts, this history also recognized by the Koreans, and they face this history. However now in the world stage, Chinese martial arts wushu is far behind of taekwondo on the globalization development , .it’s time for chinese martial arts’s leaders to face up and introspection this problem.

the second course in the afternoon is the demonistration course. simply it teachs you how to establish and cultivation the demo team.

the master of this course is a very very interesting 9dan korean uncle. seems common in the korean drama. actually this course is very humor


later a friend of me told that this master was the one who naked protest  the Jump dan promotion on kukkiwon.




the course mainly told about how to establish the demo team.. how to split the time and the training method etc…


the third course is judging method of taekwondo , simply it means how to organize a taekwondo level test fast and effective. and what standard should be use to rate the student’s study result.


then i was taught chinese characters by the korean again… korean-style-chinese-characters are the characters or words that not often use or ancient words/sentences in now china ..we can read it but feels very had to understand what the word want to explain by guess.


after taken this course.. i feel very tired…

the next session is Dan promotion test. and it was not able to watch.. so, go home is the best choice.


when i passby the kukkiwon reissue counter, i take in and reissue all my dan certs.

kukkiwon always chance the dan cert’s style since 2006 maybe tomorrow’s dan cert is different fro today’s style.. so,make a set for memory.. As a collection.


the reissue for kukkiwon cert is a very trouble problem in china.


(this is the reissued dan cert.. it will print the reissue date on the dan cert)


also i have do some reissue for my friends every time reissue need to sign for 3 times.. so complex.


I bought an Adidas Dobok for my self.. KSD shop has the name embroidery service.

and its very fast to make your name on the dobok.



the dan cert proctector. seems so nice


the kukkiwon textbook, and i am sure it was a new version. cause i have bought one in 2004  its a very heavy book.


the poomsae guide of kukkiwon text book.


KSD newest light dobok. similar like Adidas Fighter.


this dobok’s feeling so good.cause its very light.image108

a dobok for my friend who is now in the national poomsae team.the flag patch seems funny.image109

for me,the most serious thing in korea is to have dinner.. cause i can not read any korean words.. so i had to find some pictures.. if there are no pictures, i had to order something randomize… depends on lucky


For example, one night, i go to a chicken and beer restraurant .and i dont know which one is better.. so i ask the waitress and pointed to the next table, and using the korean words i only can say..  THIS, ONE, SET, SIMNIDA.

the korean waitress said something i can not understand…and i just nod for serval times..

after 20 miniutes… the delicious has taken in front of me…  like the picture above…

mass of chicken….

at last, i asked some one can understand korean. they said that this is the lover’s set for 2 people… it’s actually too much for you…



second day morning… i wake up so early, although only 300 meter.. i do a rush to the classroom.


another caption from ethiopian was annoucing something.


the course for second day morning is the poomsae for colour belt.


and i shocked that the teacher for this course is master KIM HEE DO!!

he is a master who really has Martial temperament, and he knows every detail of all the poomsae…

take us from taeguek 1 to 8 every poomsae 3 times.


My classmates are really from the remotest corners of the globe..


At noon to practice a sweat, and then go to the restaurant to eat a Korean meal.. 10 a few years ago, the Korean coach once joked with me: you can not train taekwondo excellent without drink soju and eat kimchi ….simida

Actually He can do the 540 degree rotation kick after drink a bottle of jinroo sojo..

so i believed that .. However, the kukkiwon restaurant doesn’t to provide alcoholic beverages


Afternoon’s course is taekwondo education theroy,i was very interesting on it.


everyone wants to learn taekwondo from the effective instructor

And the course has highly interactive. The lecturer introduced about how to do  Taekwondo Teaching Methods and teaching plan, teaching ideas and how to combine with the humanity education and give many viewpoints for us

Especially on the part of social relationships. And its  very different from China’s Taekwondo teaching methods.

South Korea, after all, is to follow the United States, the social way is also more in favor of the United states.

A taekwondo instructor should have certain prestige in the community where he being, because of Taekwondo dojang is a public place, brought together community, as the instructor should set a good example, and integrate into community life, they have to have leadership and also to train students to become a leadership and correct values.

The central idea is 知之者不如好之者,好之者不如乐之者 (Zhi zhi zhe bu ru hao zhi zhe, hao zhi zhe bu ru le zhi zhe)

its a chinese ancient saying. it show the 3 level of enjoyment.

the person who knows(知) taekwondo is just the beginning.

and the person who likes(好) taekwondo will get much joy than the one who just know it.

and the person who enjoy(乐) the taekwondo will get the most enjoyment of taekwondo and much joy than the person who just likes taekwondo..

I learned this in primary school … its a Confucian saying..  but i can not explain it in english at that time.

The course for afternoon is Blackbelt Dan poomsaes from koryo to jitae

the teacher for this course is master hwang in sik.. he is really a legendary master!!!!!! i really can not believe that i can get a course from him.

that is who has been in the bruce lee’s movie. i watch that about 20 years ago!!!

13975553_1054275221315842_2750010401483577964_o 14053940_1054272847982746_2869627765440438232_o




photo by tirak pare



Hwang’s course keeps me feel strange.. because this is the course of dan poomsae.
but we used more than one hour to warmup and do the basic movement…. this is really tired..

some classmate even said that  Master Hwang Almost Killed us

actually i has the same doubt… Am I taking the wrong classroom? maybe this is the classroom for kukkiwon demo team…. not me….  then i look around… most guys are not korean..

OK, seems i haven’t get the wront place…

After one hour.. everyone sweating a lot.. master hwang said : Koryo Joonbi!!


(Captain america in the break time…that was so tired)

then i rise on my handknives….

This kind of training method i have experienced in some karate master’s seminar serval years ago.
first of all … do many execises make you run out of physical strength. 

Then you had to do the movement with relax body cause you have no more strength to use.

in this situation, your muscles will remember the new actions instead of the old ones… its a good way for correct the movement.

but it’s also a dangrous way . it depends on the instructor’s experience. cause its very easy to get injury with tired body.

After koryo Kemgang taebaek pyongwon and sipjin.. many classmates are not able to perform the next poomsae. maybe the level is too high for 2dan and 3dans

As a poomsae athlete, i have done every poomsae thousand times.. but as an instructor.. the requirement is just to make a correct poomsae.image121

So after the class… i volunteering to stay here and teach anyone who can not perform the poomsae.
To be willing to help others is a Chinese tradition.and also that is the preview as an international master, i had to try to teach with english.. actually my english is not good enough.


we continuing training till the sunset. then go to a korean restaurant for a dinner..


Chicken and beers! and before drink the beer.. korean boss must confirm your age again.. cause the korean law do not allow the teenages drink the alcohol.



The third day after waken up.. go on to the convient store…

cause i can not read korean… i had to find something similar and has been appeared in china convient stores.. thats so sad… and once i have bought a tea and put it on the desk.. my deskmate asked me… “have you drunked?”

i said.. no… why you ask?

“cause you are drinking a tea which for the person who drunked…”

“i said: well… i dont know…. just some leaves on the bottle and it looks like a tea… and then i bought it…”

that’s funny, but true story.


Captain America go on annoucement with some notice.


the third day , as the schdule. its the course for learning the terminology and basic motions.

it was taken by Master Kwon.


the human body lines which in the kukkiwon textbook


Kwon saboem explain every movement and then demo the motion and the useage of it.


first is the name if the action, then is the seogi and then the requirement of the action, the Center of gravity bias , then show it for us.



its not easy for an uncle to do every action like this. But he made all the moves with ease.


till this action.. an Algerian asked about the symbol of this action. and the master told that is to cover the other hand.


as my person opnion.. also the explaination in chinese martial art

this action just means the character “武” (martial art) and its named “敬拳” (the respect kwon)

lets review  firstday the old master has tell.


武 was combined with chinese character 戈 and 止

戈 as noun means a kind of ancient weapon in china, and in verb it means taking a weapon.

止 means stop , or restrained.

in this action, the right hand was a punch, but actually it means  that you are taking a 戈

like this:


(cartoon picture shows an ancient soldier taking a 戈)

and the left hand cover the right hand. symbolized 止.(stop)

you can understand that action such like : the right hand taking a weapon. and left hand cover the right hand for stopping using the weapon.

so that the whole action means 止(stop)+戈(weapon) and combined is 武 (martial arts)

and in actual use,this action has the meaning of “i respect you(opponent) with 武德(martial art virtue) ” commonly this appears before two man 1vs1 battle,and after this action, they start battle. and when the battle end.. they do this action again.


the most hard is this one..

anpalmoksonbadakkodureobakkat makki

before the written test.. someone post this pic on facebook and comment: “i hope there is not a spelling test.”



the proceduce of punching..


finnally i take a photo with master Kwon, really a genki master!


my korean deskmate.image139

its a friend from thai. so handsome guy.

in the Tkd education course.. the lecturer was very funny..

he said.. all asian nation was original from China. so all asians are chinese.

then he asked someone:Where are you from?


teacher:ok,you Chinese

someone: No, I’m Thai

Teacher:No,You Chinese…. Asians All Chinese…

so the thai friend was forced to appointed as a chinese.

hehehe, well, maybe his meaning is in ancient times..all Asian countries are influenced by Chinese culture.

this was called East Asian cultural sphere.(


this means althrough i can not speak japanese, korean or some language in the asia. but if i wrote down the sentence with chinese character. maybe the japanese, the old korean, singapore vietnam malaysia and some asian country people can guess the meaning. cause we has the similar culture sphere and character.

but i really dont know if thai people can read chinese or not… thailand character is very different from chinese.


another very kind american grand master… the patch on the chest told us how long he has trained.


GrandMaster Amin jafari  from islamic republic iran.


friend from hongkong.


this is another deskmate of me. very kindman from Japan

he can speak japanese, korean and english fluently.

so if the master say something with korean and i really can not understand.. i will ask him with japanese.. and he reply me with english… really amazing skill.


go on the kukkiwon lunch with prison-style tray. kimchi appears in every lunch.image148

the next is self study time… train some poomsae thenimage149

i even dont know my dobok was like that during the training…


this is Master Andy from Class A, is teaching someone about sipjin.

afternoon of the third day:image151

331271723043453224 59551627580362688


the third day is about the sparring technique. the master split all student into 7 groups. to train with every kind of kicking. the master always throw the target if he hear an answer not correct or the student done not perfectlly.

can train this in kukkiwon is really a fantasic experiencing!


after the training. the captain america tells some *important points* for us image154

Captain America: good luck to you!


the next course is about the tkd health and first aid. teacher from the university hospital of kyunghee univ take it for us.



PRICE is very important…


should be attention about the proceduce of ice operation.image159

the proceduce about CPR.


flexble training method for taekwondo. (foot from our ethiopian captain)image161

no injury+improve skill+ self confidence = good performing


some training method


after the course… i get out the kukkiwon and found this.. the rock for memory first championship of WTF in 1973.


near my hostel and the kukkiwon.. i found a restaurant named Invincible home

there is one japanese noodle shop in japan also… let me try the difference.


the result is… this Invincible restaurant is not a japanese noodle shop… its korean style.

and i met the hongkong team here.. because its very near to there hotel.

hongkong develops taekwondo more earlier than china… so the penetration rate is much higher than china mainland.


the fourth day… in the morning i go on the convient store…. finnally i found a Rice and vegetable roll with chinse note.. heart so tired..


the morning of kukkiwon.


the fourth day morning is the philosophical thoughts

this lecture was taken by the prisident of World Taekwondo Academy

i feel a big stress on this course and….. this man.


the psychology devide into positive and negative.


so what is the tkd spirit?


as the pic…


the prisident taken a translator, her english’s very good… 

Summary with popular words:

1、Eat good Nutrition

2、Drink Clean water

3、Have a breath of fresh air






the most important is





4、Tae!!! Kwon!!! Do!!!


At noon I went to visit the exhibition hall


In the hallway met Grandmaster  Kim kyungchan .


go on kukkiwon cafeteria

afternoon is the selfdefence course.


i met master jeong in the front of kukkiwon.

self defence is a very important part of korea.taekwondo


selfdefence course was set to 2 person per group… this is my partner, a gentle from aferica

but he was very brave to come forward and do the demo with the teacher.. and be *defenced* hundreds of time….. so lucky he was alive at last.. haha



go on the noodle shop


the last part at the fourth day is the practical testing.

It’s Easy, but also it’s HARD.


we were devided into 5 person per group…. test conducted by 3 9th dan grandmasters….

test is so easy…  but the mistake is ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED…


classmate from hongkong…. you impossible to get her age.


VERY CUTE girl from thailand.


Master Andy from Class A.. i read his blog and get many help.


Two athlete from Kuwait they have been to the beijing olympic game.image187

thailand fashion girl Tirak..  blackbelt 5th dan…. image190

once in a video, i was heard that: *TAEKWONDO doesn’t matter with nation, gender, religions,Everyone can enjoy it.*

now this is the truth.


preparing for test.


Welcome to Kuk Ki Won hello and goodbye


prepare to get the test… it’s not very hard, but performing in front of 3 9th dan examiners… make me a little nervous.

then we have taken a World Taekwondo Academy’s offical dobok. and was noticed to wear it tomorrow


The last day morning is the written test. Captain America comes very early and warmly prepare some note, sugar for us.


and he has wrote the taekwondo history on the board.


Attentive guy and the best captain ever!



at the same time.. Class A is marking some important tips.


the last minutes before the test.

the testpaper is conducted with english.

Written test was not very hard. the test content is actually what a master need to know.. but the translation should be asian sphere, i can understand or guess some questions was directly translate from korean.but also some queistion has Ambiguity and i can not understand the true meaning from what the examiner want to ask.. 


After the written test. is the close ceremonyimage202

me and other 7 student was honored to be chosen as the most excellent studeng, as the Kukkiwon Recommended Master. Kukkiwon Prisident give me the citation.




And a watch issued by World taekwondo academy, as i heard that this watch was Presented to the korean sabeoms who sent to foreign countries. there are two time on the watch, one is korea time and the other is local time… very difference from the kukkiwon style watch you can buy in the mooto shop


this is the watch in the mooto shop.. difference


after the test.. we should give back the key and take the certification of completion.

here held a funny story..

my name is “qi”, and it was the same pronunciation with “key” in korean

so when i get on…. the korean called “qi,qi,qi” to me..

and i said, yes i’m here

and then he still calling my name….

finnally i knew.. that he is noticing me to return the key..


The classroom return silence after the course. have a good memory.


but just 3 day after, the world taekwondo hanmadang will be held here… it will lively again.




in a corner of kukkiwon, i saw the gate of kukkiwon demo team… i was shocked it has chinese title..


the kukkiwon demo team performance everyday during the great taekwondo period


after leaving the kukkiwon.. the hanmadang banner was hangup and i was also an athlete of hanmadang. i will go on fighting in the next 4 days..

after the hanmdang totally about 10 days later. the result can be inquired in the kukkiwon website…. korean so high efficiency..

i has passed the international masters course level 3

the dream to be an real taekwondo master come true!!

this is the experience and journey for me to attend the international masters course

if you want to experiencing the pure and original course and test for taekwondo master. i think the  course in kukkiwon is the only and the best choice. but the degree of difficulty may be higher.

every seminar and test is a seperate and special experience. as for most taekwondo instructors who running dojangs in my motherland China, the certificate of qulification is a tool which can improve the proud of dojang and earn money… But to me, I enjoy the experience on gain it.

this make me new friend and update the new knowledges. and learn the latest technique of taekwondo in the mecca of taekwondo…it was very excited to feel the taekwondo culture by myself in kukkiwon.



in previous taekwondo master’s course textbook, kukkiwon seperate taekwondo people into two kind.

1, the one who running a dojang business

2.the normal person who just learn taekwondo and do not running dojang

my selection is 2 before.. cause i have not has the master’s qulification.

In korea, every kwanjangnim should pass this course, then he can open his own dojang…. i think in the near future, i will try to do so.